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Saturday, Dates TBA, 1 pm to 5 pm

Although we normally view ourselves as a unified whole, we are actually comprised of multiple inner aspects we can call selves or voices. These voices are constantly vying for our attention and often govern how we react, both consciously and unconsciously, to the issues and relationships in our lives. When out of balance, they can cause considerable confusion and difficulty to ourselves and others.

Selves in a Box is a deck of cards based on the Voice Dialogue work of Hal & Sidra Stone and developed by their daughter, Tamar Stone. Through working with these cards in a structured way we can gain tremendous insight into how and why our unconscious conditioning influences everything in our life. They can be an essential tool to attaining emotional and spiritual balance in a fun and non-threatening manner.

This workshop will include guided techniques and discussion that will help you no matter what your current practice or beliefs. No prior experience is necessary.